About Open Payments

We are a Swedish VC funded start-up and one of the pioneers within PSD2 and open banking. We provide a groundbreaking platform that gives you access to financial information and services so that you easily, securely and quickly can develop the best possible services and products for your customers and users based on PSD2. We are licensed by Finansinspektionen, Sweden’s financial supervisory authority, and our secure and qualitative platform supports both Account Information and Payment Initiation for both corporate accounts and private accounts.

Whether you are building a FinTech or accounting app, E-commerce business, ERP software, or managing a subscription service of any kind, Open Payments, through this platform, connects you to multiple banks through one single unified API – the Open Payments Platform. This removes the complexity and frictions of many diverse integrations. In other words, we are the empowering infrastructure behind your solutions.

Our Open Banking solution explained

Our purpose and mission

We believe in a financial market giving all players, regardless of size, the opportunity to create amazing services.
We also believe in openness and transparency between financial players and that you as owner of your data, can control who, when and in which ways your data is used. Luckily our belief lines up perfectly with the PSD2 Directive, which was the reason we started our company, to help make this transformation happen, known as open banking.

For open banking to be as secure and efficient as possible we at Open Payments believe that this must be created with open, secure and real interfaces, so-called APIs and not by downloading data in an insecure and sometimes unauthorized manner (such as for example through screen scraping and reverse engineering). We call this “true open banking” and our aim is to become the go-to platform for true open banking services through the EU and beyond. 

Our Products and Services

We connect you to banks across Europe to get account information (AIS) & payment initiation (PIS), so that you can focus on building the very best products & services for your customers.

Payment Initiation – PIS

Connect to our unified API platform to allow your customers to securely make account-to-account payments in Europe from your app or website in real time.

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Account Information – AIS

Connect to our unified API platform to securely access your customers accounts, transaction data, and balance from banks across Europe.

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