Are you ready for PSD2?

Presenting The Open Payments Platform!

Decrease integration costs with one API!

The Open Banking Platform

One single API to access all EU banks
Use one single API instead of unique custom integrations for all banks.
Developer friendly and rapid integration
Simple and developer friendly, multi-programming languages SDKs.
Open and trusted standards
Based on open API and trusted security standards.
Lower transaction cost
Lower transaction cost with PSD2 instant payments access.
The Opportunity & Challenge

PSD and Open Banking is a huge opportunity, and also a challenge

The EU’s new legislation on payment services (PSD2) will improve the security of Internet payments and give consumers more power over who controls their money – but are you prepared to take advantage of this new competitive landscape?

Developers and merchants face the challenge of building platforms that can integrate with more than one bank. But why build multiple customized solutions when there is one API that will work for everyone?

If you’re a 3rd party application provider, it will help get you to market faster. If you’re a merchant, our API will help you lower transaction costs.We can even help banks address any compliance issues preventing them from being ready in time. Open Payments solves the integration hurdles of PSD2 with a single easy-to-use API.

Image module
3rd Party Application Developers (TPPS) will face the challenge of integrate with all different Bank APIs throughout Europe.
The Solution

We Present
Open Payments Platform

The PSD2 compliant single-API platform that does the integration for you. Access multi-bank APIs throughout the EU with one single-API.

No need to integrate with all different Bank APIs and keep track of updates and changes. Use our standardised API with multi-language SDKs and samples.

The Future Platform
for Open Banking infrastructure

Based on state-of-the-art new technology to take advantage of the current business business opportunities, like AI and Blockchain.

Access PSD2 profiles as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and/or an Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) to create your apps and services.

Use our existing web shop modules and personal financial management (PFM) modules for instant payments and account aggregation.

The Offerings

Who Is It For?

Access all EU banks with one single-API to create your applications and services.
Use our pre-built web shop payment modules to offer PSD2 instant payments with lower transaction cost.
Integrate with other providers and/or offer a compliant PSD2 API to your TPPs
The Technology

New Business Models Requires New Technology

Today technology will be obsolete after just a few years so it’s very important which platform provider to choose.

Base your applications and services on the latest stable and secure cloud technology that are modularised into Micro Services that you can leverage for your own applications.

Our platform is based on the latest stable technology and helps you develop your applications faster and at the same time using technologies like REST APIs, OAuth2/OIDC security, AI and Blockchain.

The Team

Who Are We?

Team member
Jonas Kjellin
Co-Founder & CEO / CTO
Over 25 years experience in the IT industry. M.Sc. Business Administration,
M.Sc. Computer and Systems Sciences - Entrepreneur, CEO/CTO, Media Mastery LLC -
Engagement Manager, Microsoft -
Head of Global Solutions Consulting and System integration, Ericsson
Team member
Carl Åkerlund
Lead Software Developer Engineer
B.Sc. Computer Sciences & Electronics,
Consultant, Independent consultant
Various Senior developer positions, Avega, H&M, Orc Software
System developer, OMX
Team member
Henrik Widlund
Software Development Engineer
Computer and Systems Sciences, Lead system developer and software architect, Softtronic
Net. developer, Ottoboni

Investment Opportunity
We are closing our Seed investment round in Q1 2018

Are you interested in being part of creating the future of Open Banking? We are currently considering a limited number of investors for our Seed investment round that will close in Q1 2018. If you are looking for opportunities to invest in an innovative Open Banking platform with PSD2 compliant capabilities, please download our Teaser presentation here, and contact us for more information.


Current Job Opportunities
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and
.NET Full-Stack Developer

We are currently looking for a passionate CMO to lead our marketing towards B2B and developers. Direct marketing and marketing through events.

We are also looking for a Microsoft .NET Full-stack developer with focus on front-end and developer portal experience.


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