What is Open Payments?

An API aggregator and platform as a service (PaaS) provider that will help you automate your banking needs with regards to account & transaction information and payment initiation. As an aggregator we simplify your connectivity to the network of banking, with one single API. 

What is Open Banking?

The decentralization of banking services and information. Previously banks monopolized the industry, but with Open Banking the user will control and own their data and allow for other services to perform payments and collect account information on their behalf.  

What is PSD2 and why should I care?

The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is the legal framework setting the standard for the banks to adopt to the Open Banking landscape. It incentivises the banks to provide open APIs for anyone with a valid license to connect to.  

Do I need a license to use Open Payments banking solutions?

No, Open Payments is a licensed account information & payment initiation provider by Finansinspektionen (Sweden’s financial supervisory authority). You can utilize our license free of charge, but if you are a licensed provider you can of course use your own license.

What is the cost for using Open Payments?

We have no startup fees, no hidden costs or lock-up periods for those who want to start building with our API. Best of all you can start using it for free and scale as you grow!  Get started for free here!

How do I test your API?

It’s simple, you just need API Keys which you’ll receive by signing-up in our developer portal

How do I contact support?

Send us an email on support@openpayments.io or use the chat on our website.

Are you hiring right now?

We are always looking for talent. Visit our career page to see our current job openings.

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