Press Release: Open Payments Europe launches PSD2 developer portal for third-party application providers

The Swedish FinTech startup, Open Payments Europe provides a PSD2-compliant infrastructure platform that will offer users a single, open and secure point of access to the diverse bank APIs throughout the EU. Open Payments Europe is now launching its own developer portal and sandbox environment, where third-party application developers can create PSD2-compliant applications. The launch, an industry first in the Nordic region, coincides with the Swedish adoption of PSD2.

On May 1, 2018 the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was adopted into Swedish law. During the ongoing transition period banks have 18 months to comply with the directive in addition to related technical standards for strong customer authentication and common and secure open standards of communication.

“PSD2 is the beginning of a disruption in the financial industry that will fundamentally change how we use financial services. For the most part, European banks are developing individual API-standards, which means that third-party developers will need to integrate with possibly hundreds or thousands of different APIs throughout the EU to be able to fully leverage the opportunities under PSD2. Our infrastructure platform will provide the solution, helping to make Open Banking a reality for e-commerce platforms, PFM applications, POS and B2B systems” Says Jonas Kjellin, Co-Founder and CEO of Open Payments Europe.

“Application developers see the opportunity that PSD2 creates but want to focus their resources on adding value to the actual end-users of their applications, not on API integration. This makes API aggregation and Open Payments’ infrastructure platform a critical consideration as well as a competitive advantage for application developers” Jonas continues.

“The launch of our developer portal is an important first step to help developers prepare for PSD2. We continuously integrate with new beta versions of bank APIs as soon they become available and provide support for some proposed standards including UK Open Banking, STET and NextGenPSD2. As soon as the transition period is over, we will be ready to go live.” Jonas ends.

For more information, please contact: Jonas Kjellin, Founder and CEO, Open Payments Europe, +46 8 556 03 100,,

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About Open Payments Europe

Open Payments Europe provides the ground-breaking market infrastructure required for successful Open Banking. The Open Payments Platform is a PSD2 compliant API aggregation platform will offer users a single, open and secure point of access to the diverse bank API networks throughout Europe and connect partner services like lending, currency and virtual banks. Open Payments simplifies integration of third-party application providers, e-commerce platforms and B2B systems